Boston Elements

Artist Statement

"I’m that lint covered starburst that shed its wrapper in your pockets under all the pressure. I’m trying to polish those parts in me I’m most ashamed of. I’m a really masculine man with some seriously femme sensibilities. I wish I could make sense of it too."

"Boston" is a sex-positive queer artist hailing from the Midwest, currently residing in Concord NH. Frustrated by the shame surrounding natural sexuality, he seeks to familiarise US culture with passion's innocence. Inspired by the artful design of the male form & a playful take on modern romance, a fusion of new words, borrowed images, and old school technology. Voyeurism, mystery, danger. Should I be seeing this? Do I understand? Will I get caught? Who might look back into my gaze?

"As a gay man raised in the Midwest, I know from experience the challenge of being excluded from and rejected by one’s community and, more importantly, the value of finding a supportive community. My work explores themes of masculinity in excess and objectification in extreme. I hope to build community around the idea that our desires are pure and worthy. I find strength in the fact that my days are borrowed, and that time is not stretched in a linear manner. I look to history not because it repeats itself but because I notice it echoes and rhymes."


Ceramics + Printmaking + Painting + Photography 

Shiny glittery metallic relics. Historic and current gay iconography